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Polyline and Tape Resources Have Joined Forces to Serve You Better!
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our New Partnership

Why did you join together? 

Polyline has been a leading supplier of CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc media, packaging and other content distribution products since 1972. Since changes in technology have taken place over the past decade, the use of hard drives, flash media and other forms of recordable media has grown significantly. In addition, archival technologies like LTO have become a necessity for long-term storage of video assets. Since 1991, Tape Resources has been a leader in supplying professionals with these newer technologies, but lacked the resources required to be a disc media and packaging supplier like Polyline. In fact, a number of our customers have purchased separately from both companies over the years for this reason. So it was natural to bring the strengths of both these respected suppliers into one great team, who can supply you with everything you need from acquisition and principal recording, through the editing process, to distribution and archival. And, combining our efforts and expenses helps to keep costs low, in order to provide you the most competitive prices on the products you use. Taking the best of two great identities and combining them into one great team is what this is all about. That’s why our new motto is, “Two Great Names. One Great Team.”  

What else has changed? 

Besides our name, the other changes that have occurred are all really good, positive changes, that will benefit you:

For Tape Resources customers, especially those who like to order on the web, we now provide a brand-new web site that’s faster and much easier to navigate and order from. We also have a new free shipping policy that covers all the new media products you need today, while providing a better bottom-line deal and faster delivery than the alternatives you may see out there on the web. And Tape Resources customers can now benefit from Polyline’s disc media publishing and packaging expertise, which has been unmatched by anyone else in the business.

For Polyline customers, we now will have many more new product offerings, improved product availability, and enhanced recording media, hard drive and archival solution expertise. Tape Resources has been a pioneer in selling new media products like hard drives, SDHC/CF cards, LTO and more, for over two decades.

Will my rep change, or the person who takes my orders? 

Absolutely not! Your sales representative, customer service rep, credit rep, delivery/shipping person, and the rest of our friendly, capable staff will all remain the same. We may now answer the phone as “Polyline/Tape Resources”, but you’ll still recognize the voice! 

Will my prices change? 

Both Polyline and Tape Resources have always endeavored to have the most competitive prices in the marketplace, and this will absolutely never change! If you qualify for a special discount right now on any items, we will not change that.
Actually, because of the larger volume and cost savings of joining forces, your prices may very well decrease on many items as we move forward.   

Do I need to set you up as a new vendor, or update my computer system? 

No such change is required at all. Invoices will now say “Polyline / Tape Resources” , but no changes are really required on your end. If your system prints checks with either “Tape Resources” or “Polyline”, they will be accepted just the same as always.

Will my account change in any other way? What about the current invoices I have to pay? Will I need to pay the old and new separately? 

Your account number and invoice history will remain exactly the same. Old and new invoices may be paid together, no problem.

Where will my orders ship from now? 

Your orders will continue to ship from the same local warehouse they have been shipping from. And by the same capable, hard-working staff who knows you and your special needs.
All of our warehouse locations remain open and operating, just as usual.  

If I am a Federal Governement buyer, how does this effect my GSA pricing? 

Our GSA contract continues as usual under Tape Resources, LLC. Our Federal Government customers may order as usual. For more information, please click here.

Who can I call if I need more information? What number do I need to call? 

You can contact your sales rep, just as always, by calling their direct line or cell phone, as you have in the past. Or you may contact your customer service rep by calling the number you usually call us on when you place your orders.
Our national order line is 1-800-701-7689, and our sales department number is 1-888-496-3282. But for your convenience, we’ve made sure that any of the numbers you have been accustomed to using will continue to work. 

So, what are all these new products you now carry?

Tape Resources is already a major supplier for many new products, including hard drives, flash media, archival solutions, batteries, and much more. This is why Tape Resources had always used the motto “We’re More Than Just Tape”. But now our new partnership with Polyline will allow us to more efficiently add new items and price them extremely competitively. Polyline has been a leader in disc media and packaging, and therefore many specialty packaging and new brands of disc media are now available to Tape Resources customers.
Listed below is more on each of these new products we have to offer: 

Hard Drives: 
We currently are one of the nations’ most preferred sources for pro-grade hard drives, and our selection of top quality, dependable, professional-grade hard drives will continue to grow. Click Here to browse our huge selection of hard drives.

Solid State Media:

For years now, Tape Resources has been a great source for solid state acquisition media such as SxS, P2, SDHC/Compact Flash and other cards. Our offerings of solid state media such as these will continue to increase. 

CD-R, DVD-R and Blu-ray Disc Media:
Polyline already is the best source in the industry for disc based media, in either inkjet or thermal printable configurations. Our Line 1 Media brand of Blu-ray discs are available in 25GB, 50GB dual layer and the new 100GB BDXL triple layer, for which we’re proud to announce we were the first US-based supplier. And we carry all other major brands of blu-ray. Don’t forget the packaging, ink and ribbons.

Disc Publishing Solutions:
For many years both Polyline and Tape Resources have been top suppliers of all major brands of disc publishers, auto printers and towers. Our systems save you time and money. You’re assured of the most competitive pricing and the expertise you need to make the best decisions on the right machines for your special needs.

We welcome your comments and feedback on this exciting new combination of two great suppliers into one fantastic source of products for you and your business. We invite you to call us at 1-888-496-3282 to let us know what you think. We deeply value your opinions and thoughts.